Thursday, December 15, 2011

New Domain!

In the process of creating my own domain!  Bear with me if you will...:)   New page will be

Since I have changed to wordpress I had to change the name of my blog...(sorry)  The name I had previously chosen is already being used.  You can go there now and hopefully you will enjoy this one better and will be user friendly...:)

Thank you!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Importance of Talking

Another night.....Another Christmas play.  :)  My niece and nephew were in our Christmas play at church tonight.  My sister-n-law writes the best plays!  She works with the children at our church and she is someone who I seek for godly advice on a regular basis.  A regular basis.

Dalton (aka Wise man #1)

He also wanted to wear the Santa lil man. 

So, I found some Key Lime greek yogurt and it is divine.  I forgot my granola today so the lovely people at Mcdonald's allowed me to have a couple of packs for free. 

Ever have one of those days where your eating my be off just a bit... I didn't feel hungry today for some reason.  I ate the yogurt around 11:30, but it wasn't until about 4:15 when I ate again.  I finally finished the tuna melts!  Although this time it was a wrap. It actually tasted better than my usual melts that I have been eating.  I promise....something different tomorrow!

Don'tcha just love our stylish plates at work???

So now for the importance of talking.  I had someone tell me tonight that they didn't really know how to talk to people.  I am not sure of the reasons, but I paused for a moment and thought what it must be like to not really know how to deal with people or even crowds.  I fortunately can chat with anyone, cut up with anyone, and talk about anything.  So I guess what I am trying to say is that I think it's important to notice people around you.  Talk to people.  Communicate with them.  You never know who you might be talking to or what they are dealing with.  It was humbling to be reminded of that.

Ready for another K-Stan picture??
How about three. :)

While we were there a couple from the church was getting married. The tradition is that the groom has to come searching for his bride.  It was pretty cool to see.  There was also a really cool coffee shop that we were able to go to, which doubled for a place that sold American books. 
The last picture was this pastry that had this AMAZING jam in it.  What's the chocolate thing you ask??  Um yeah it was their version of cheesecake..........which they have for breakfast.  It was so good!  I think I put on 5 pounds while we were there!

Have a great night!!  And don't forget to talk to someone...:)

It's A Good Morning!

I just love this song!  I have it as one of my "running" songs and it really gets me going!
Just wanted to share it with you.  Really listen to the rap by Toby Mac....:)

Already got my workout in and I feel tons better!  After about a 30 minute cool down I was ready for some breakfast.
Almond butter on Nature's Own 100% Whole Grain Thins
and banana slices.

So my mom is doing Weight Watchers.  It's a fantastic program, because it teaches you how to eat and make good decisions.  It's how I lost a majority of my weight.  Once I fiigure out how to create a "my story" page I will tell you my journey.  :)  Anyway, back to my mom.  She found this sugar cookie recipe that is only 2 points a cookie. 

She takes a roll of sugar cookie dough and adds 2 tbls of all purpose flour, 2 1/4 tsp of pumpkin pie spice, and one tsp of unsweetened cocoa.  Knead it all together and roll tsp fulls into balls, then roll in granulated sugar.  Place on cookie sheet and bake at 350 degrees for 9 minutes.  Immediately after you take them out of the oven you add a chocolate kiss on top. 
Let me tell you....These cookies are yummy!!  Enjoy!

Have a great day!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Don't Forget to Breath

I think that title has two meanings don't you?  When my alarm went off at 5:30 this morning I thought I was dreaming.  I was not...:)  I got up and immediately put my workout clothes on.  I find that if I lay them out the night before I have no excuses not to work out.  It worked.

I am really loving The Firm right now.  It was a nice change from what I had been doing.  Once I get the moves down I am a mad woman!  Now to the whole breathing topic.  I noticed that nearly the entire time I was working out I was holding my breath.  Not sure why I was doing this, but it was driving me crazy.  Breathing is one of the most important things you need to do while you work out, but agh! It's something that I am gonna have to work on. 

Post workout I chomped on some breakfast....Eggs, turkey bacon, and the bottom of a Pumpkin Spice Bagel.  My last one.. :(
I am a lover of all the Starbucks...the most recent Holiday cup.

My drive to work isn't all that bad, maybe 15 minutes, but it's long enough for me to reflect on what my attitude is going to be like for the day.  To reflect on how I am going to treat people.  With kindness??  Working in the public this can be a little difficult sometimes, so I like to prep myself for the day and the drive is perfect for that.

Around 10:30 my tummy began to talk to me so I grabbed a snack.....Pineapple greek yogurt with some Kashi Pumpkin Spice granola on top.  Yum!

On my actual lunch break I went to the salon and had my hair pic, but it's short...:)

Drum roll........lunch..  Tuna melt with tons of spinach, provolone cheese and some sweet potato wedges.  It was super filling.

After work I had a date with my niece's kindergarten class....Their Christmas play was tonight and it was super awesome!  The topic you ask??  It was about Love and how everybody deserves it.  Very cool.

She's a rock star...:)

As you can imagine it's was kinda late when I got home so cooking something for dinner was not something that I really wanted to do.  The end result.... A peanut butter, banana, wrap...It hit the spot!
On a lovely Christmas plate...;)

Kind of a long second post, but I hope that you have enjoyed it.  Before I go I wanted to share one last photo with you.  In the summer of 2010 I went on a mission trip to Kazakhstan.  I have been on several, but this was one was pretty special.  Life changing.  So, with that said over the next few posts I am going to try and share as many pictures as I can with you.  I hope to figure out how to put them in their own!
Some of the ladies that took the Conversational English class we were offtering.
The young lady in the blue (Nastia) was my amazing translator. :) 

Hope you have a great night!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Very First Post :)

Well, after months of searching and looking around other blogs, and I do mean months, I am finally taking the first step to create my own.  I love the idea that people can share their lives with each other and what an awesome way to do that.  Over the next couple of days I will be trying to figure this whole thing out, so hopefully you will hang in there with me. 

I will be incorporating pictures of my eats and workouts and just day to day things.  So here camera....check.  Laptop......check.  Watching an old episode of Beverly Hills 90210 as I type this.....check.  Brandon just cheated on Kelly.  Jerk. 

No picture of dinner, but I do remember what I inhaled.  I had one tofurky link (purchased at Kroger), with some roasted brussels sprouts, and some sweet potato wedges that were baked in evoo and rosemary.  Not sure if I will have a snack since I ate kinda late. 

I didn't have to be at work until 10 a.m. so I was able to sleep in and get a workout in.  I am currently nursing a pulled muscle in my stomach so I had to lay off running for a bit, but I am loving step aerobics right now.  Ever hear of The Firm?  Love it!

Well that's about it for now, don't want to give everything away in the first post...;) 

Have a great night!